Help optimize this -6.28% campaign

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Sep 20, 2021
Hi folks, this offer is one of those I'm running. I managed to get to the -6.28 ROI but I'm stuck here for over 24 hours.
Maybe it's normal. I'm keeping it running on Propeller 2.0 but I can't see a way to optimize it and go to the green field.

This offer-campaign was already optimized. It's a branch of a bigger campaign and this one is targeting:

One Geo
One Mobile Career
Chrome Browser
Bid: 70% of the Payout
Platform: Mobile
No zones blacklisted since Propeller takes care about this.

Mobile Carrier:

None knows what that WiFi is. Propeller says there is now Wifi Traffic on this campaign so no idea how to optimize that one.

What would you do in order to take
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