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HELP - Is there a relationship between High Bids and Conversions?



Jul 3, 2021
I am curious as to everyone's experience with bidding higher leading to more conversions and bidding lower resulting in a lower conversion rate. I tend to have these campaigns whereby I bid high and get conversions but due to high CPV, I have to cancel the campaign.

So I was wondering if I changed my bid to a value lower than my EPV, will i usually be able to profit? Or will my conversion rate drop as well? Has this worked for you guys and how often? Is it worth testing? Or does it simply not work most of the time?

Some things only come through experience and I believe this is one of them. So any advice would be most appreciated.

As to what offers I am running, its the beginner course push subscription.

I am not switching or testing other methods yet because I have $$ stuck in Mobipium.

Once again, thank you all in advance!
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