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Dec 18, 2018
Hello AffLift members

Wanted to briefly introduce you guys to our platform - , we work with many supply and demand sources through pop, push, native and display ad formats.

We currently run over 3B daily ad requests (mainstream and adult - mobile and desktop), available to you in several ways,
1) Self-Serve Advertiser platform
- Start with $100 budget
- Bid as low as $0.005 CPC or $0.30 CPM
- Run mainstream and adult campaigns
- Dedicated support by chat, skype, email

2) XML and RTB integration
- if you're working with a capable ad server you can plug into our supply and demand directly with a feed or end-point. contact our team thru our website for more info.

3) Performance
Looking to run CPI or CPA deals? contact us at

Feel free to contact us on Skype for more details


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