Grow a Facebook Group from a Facebook Page


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Apr 17, 2018
I've recently seen a MASSIVE spike in the growth of a few of my Facebook Groups and it's because I discovered a feature Facebook released last year that somehow I completely missed...


I had over 13,000 people join my Facebook Group in 1 day last week and as you can see, it's still growing nicely 😃

Last year, Facebook released a feature that makes it possible for you to automatically invite the people who are actively engaging with your content on your Facebook Page to the Group that is linked to the Page.

It turns out, if you have an active Facebook Page, this can draw in a TON of new members into your Group. Facebook loves giving organic impressions to Groups so this works out nicely.

Now, it's time to sort out how I'm going to monetize this new actively engaged audience :D 💰

Guide here:
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