Greetings from the East Coast in the US.


Jul 31, 2022
Hey guys,

My name is Dave, and I'm from Massachusetts here in the US.

Affiliate & Background

I started my affiliate marketing journey in the early 2000s, largely with success driving traffic via a combination of paid ads on MSN and SEO to niche websites.

Went into selling SaaS to online marketers including channels like WarriorForum. While WSO vendors have a stigma, it was a good source of low-cost customer acquisition. Things may have changed now.

Ironically after college, I ended up working at an affiliate network Conversant (use to be Commission Junction) for my day job. I helped manage advertiser accounts to make sure client guidelines were followed by super affiliates (CJPs).

I left the company to pursue a startup.

Unfortunate Incident Left Me Disabled

Sadly, a few years ago, I was given an IV medication in the hospital that left me disabled as a side effect. As a result, I'm in chronic pain, and no longer have full function in my daily life without support. Nonetheless, I'm alive and I take it as a learning experience. Even if I'll never be the same person again.

While this message is out of place on an affiliate marketing forum, I
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