Greetings from Dubai!



Jul 20, 2022
Hello Afflifters!

My partner and I are initially from Israel, and moved to Ukraine about a year ago, opened 2 offices in different cities, hired a team, and scaled our business, then the war happened, and we had to find a new home, which led us to Dubai.
The business has changed, started to hire from more countries and we work all abroad now (thank god we are in the online business sphere).

We have been in internet marketing for over a few years now, still managing 6 figures off budget a month on Google, Facebook, and Bing, doing SEO for several sites including our own, and have internal development and design team.

and it has been a rough year,

Not to mention again what the war in Ukraine can do for your business, and I had to leave my home, but we tried to lift many new projects this year, but now, we decided to scale what we do best, marketing

So currently our journey is focused on cracking and scaling Native ads as affiliates as we understand once you go through the testing phase in each platform, get those placements, and crack a few verticals,
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