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Google Ads Threshold Accounts... Hard To Master, Can Be Worthwhile

Dynu In Media


Jan 12, 2020

so all the craze now is about so-called threshold accounts from Google Ads. Basically, someone sets up an account as to get a 500-600 USD threshold on advertising budget. But there is a catch: As soon as Google gets trigger-happy (which can happen for all kinds of reasons), your account is toast.

You can get suspended for almost everything, for no apparent reason. As happened to me with my first somewhat-decent campaign, direct linking to an ISP comparison site. Got one sale out of it (with over 400 clicks, lol), and then all of a sudden the ban was there.

However, if you can get it to work, you get up to 600 USD of FREE advertising budget. Which is, of course, insane. You pay around 50 USD for the account, sold by the usual suspects on BHW forums etc.

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