General Question Around 3rd Party Tracking Data



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Sep 21, 2021
Currently using Microsoft Search for Traffic and CPV Lab for tracking. Mostly using CPV Lab for tracking keywords, subscriber rate, cost of sub, revenue etc but the question I ask below is related to all the extra data tracking bring in.

So I have just implemented a 3rd party tracking software, CPV Lab Pro to my tools and realising how much extra data these tools pull in for you to use to optimise, such as, ISP/Carrier, Brand of device, Browser, IP, Referring Domain to name a few.
I want to use as much data as possible to optimise the best I can but having a closer look into Microsoft, I can only find that I can exclude Referring domains and IP that are not performing well, I can't find anywhere else to optimise for other data, like brand device, ISP/Carrier etc.
Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 9.43.33 am.png

Does this mean that it is just not possible for targeting or excluding such data points on Microsoft like ISP/Carrier, Brand of device, Browser etc because they simply don't allow it or does having a 3rd party tracking software that integrates with your traffic source allow you to target or exclude such data points from
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