Galaksion CPA "Successfully tested slices"



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Apr 17, 2018
I've been testing some CPA priced campaigns on Galaksion and checking out their stats for each campaign is interesting.


The blue circle graph icon next to CPA will pop this up when you click it.

So, for this particular campaign (which is still testing), we have this data:

Total slices on targets: 532
Total slices testing: 288
Total slices with finished test: 244

Successfully tested slices: 113
Price for slices with high CR: -0.35
Price for slices with low CR: 0.93

Unsuccessfully tested slices: 131
Price for unsuccessfully tested slices: 5.08

On this ZA campaign, I've gotten traffic from 532 slices (mostly different zones). About half are still testing and half are done. Of the 244 finished, 113 have been successful meaning they're slices I should still get traffic from AFTER the test is complete.

I do not understand the prices. I assume those are CPMs but not sure.

Anyone get a good understanding on this? @Galaksion
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