Discovery Thread



Super Contributor
Jun 4, 2019
I want to thank @John for his thread about the $100 bonus for ads which led to my discovery of them. has become a haven for members that are tired of the censorship of other social media networks. Gab gets about 19 million views a month but you an easily go viral with your post or group as there is not much competition yet. Facebook masters could easily dominate here! Marketers have also not really discovered the site so you have very low competition.

They do have a few restrictions like you can not add affiliate links to your post so you will need to go old school and cloak your links. Also you can't copy and paste the same post to more than one group but you can share that post to one other group.

They just added their ad system a few months ago and I will try the test buy of $100 and get $100 free over the weekend and will include my results in a later thread.

If interested please join me in the discovery of here and post tips
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