French Affiliate From Montreal 🇨🇦



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Oct 7, 2021
Hi everyone!

My name is Michael, I'm an affiliate from Montreal. I speak both French and English.

I signed up Afflift a couple of months ago and found many useful posts created by people who share the same passion that I have for affiliate marketing.

My journey begin a couple of years ago when I decided to create a website to sell IPTV subscriptions. I had some success even though I did not know about creating a website, marketing etc. I quickly learn and later decided to create an affiliate website about CBD. My best day was when I made $400 in a single day! To be honest, that kind of income didn't reflect my day-to-day reality. But anyway, I was hooked on affiliate marketing and making money online.

Back in the day, I had a major setback in my life. I lost everything that I had and ended up with nowhere to live and selling cocaine. It wasn't fun, but that experience taught me a lot about running a business and dealing with all kinds of people.

Now, my life is much better and I dedicate all my time to affiliate marketing. I love it ❤️

Here you can
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