Free beta-testing of new ads tracker AdCreek


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Hello, my name is Marie and I'm manager of AdCreek team.

AdCreek is a professional tool for webmasters and everyone who is interested in native advertising and traffic arbitrage.

AdCreek is a complex tool for tracking ads and managing your ads campaigns.

We'd like to invite you to take part in a closed beta-testing of our tool.

During beta-testing you will get access to AdCreek monitoring feature and whitelisting.

In brief you can check the native ads exposure and see the top ads in real time. All the data are checked and accurate and put in a line chart for your convenience.

With whitelisting feature you can download the base of white lists in the desired niche. You will get all convertable marketplaces without spending your budget.

At the moment we work with Taboola, Mgid, Outbrain (USA geo). We would be glad to get any feedback from you to know what geo you are interested in.


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