Forget about tracking tokens! Voluum becomes ClickBank’s only integrated tracker


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We all know ClickBank. They offer digital lifestyle products and are a popular choice among both newbies and marketing gurus. With the spread of coronavirus even affiliates who didn’t promote ClickBank before have decided to test their offers:
"Also testing some random Clickbank offers because of the apocalypse. Those have huge payouts (and long cookies) though so it's tough to gauge how bad/good they're doing." - jaybot (STM forum) 4 days ago​
"Clickbank is great... most of the offers have an average order value of 40-160$ and the automatic commission is 75% or you can also send the vendor an email and ask for a higher commission to help with scaling via paid traffic (usually 90%). Just be wary of returns as even the most popular products can get into the 10-15% range and you won't know until you've been running it for a month or two." - Jack_L (ADvengers Online) 5 days ago​
"yea i tested some CB yesterday im checking some stats now" - @Ianternet (ADvengers Online) 1 day ago​
The problem Up until now passing data from ClickBank to a tracker was a gamble. Even with correct setup on both ends you couldn’t have been sure your conversions were tracked....
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