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Guide First Impression of RollerAds



Staff Member
Community Leader
Apr 17, 2018
I've been testing RollerAds push traffic over the past few weeks and their platform is growing on me. The main reason I started testing is that they are offering CPA priced campaigns with zero test budget required:

It's pretty sweet. I've setup a bunch of these campaigns for push :)


I definitely recommend you try it. If you are running CPA campaigns on other traffic sources than you will really like the zero budget required for the RollerAds tests :)


RollerAds has the CPA campaigns and they also have their own CPA optimization feature where they will try to optimize your campaigns for you. I've been doing mostly my own optimization though because you can track zones, feeds, and age. You can optimize based off of those things as well and create custom bids based on Zones:


and choose subscription ages to target:


So, overall I really like the platform and I am seeing good results from it. I've had a few campaigns fail and @arif made a nice suggestion about that here:

They also have pop (onclick), in-page push,
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