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Jun 30, 2019
Hey guys I would like to welcome you to my first follow along ever :)

🎯 Traffic Source: All Traffic Sources I still have funds left :)
🔧 Tracking Tool: Bemob,Peerclick
✅ Affiliate Network: GG.Agency
👍 Type of Offer: Pin-Submit
🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because: I had so many failed ventures/Campaigns lately, statistically I need a winner again 😅
🔍 I am unsure about: If I can reach my goal as , I'm it the exam phase in University , but I will make the best out of it.
Goal: Reach 500$ Profit till 31.07

The Gameplan is to really just pump in Traffic from every Traffic Source I have left funds on :p see what works and pump in some more :)
I made a mistake early on I'm a Bemob User for over a Year , but for this follow along I planned to use a seperate free Tracker so I have one Tracker for my normal Campaigns apart from this follow along and the other just for the Contest I thought this will give me an better Overview but I messed it up totally :poop:

So the Tracker of my choice for this follow along was


  • gg.png
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  • peerclick1.png
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  • peerclick2.png
    193.3 KB · Views: 220
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