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First Comment = 116% Increase in Engagement


Staff member
If you do any sort of advertising on Facebook, then you probably know that posting the first comment on a post can drive up sales and engagement. That is the assumption anyway. People read the comments on posts.

But, have you ever measured how much it actually increases?

We performed a study on FPTraffic and found that our members who are using our First Comment feature are seeing TWICE the amount of engagement on their posts.

That's insane.

So, I broke down the data specifically on my Charlie Day Quotes Facebook Page with over 1,100,000 Likes that I post to 5-6 times a day.

After analyzing my last 133 posts, we found that my Page specifically has had a 115.9% increase in engagement on posts that included a First Comment. That bumped the reach on those posts by 30%.

I've always said an increase in engagement = an increase in reach. We have some data to back that up now.

In summary: post the First Comment on more of your posts! 🚀