Finding and testing new offers, what I did and what worked



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Sep 20, 2021
Hi awesome people, I was away from the forum for few days because I had a lot of work and I had few personal things to manage. I did not stopped running my offers which are still profitable and I started to test new offers and Geos with some success.

I recently asked many questions about new networks I'm working with and others about finding the right offer, etc.
This is because I wanted to hear the experience of who is in this business for longer than me (I'm still a newbie and I will be for a lot longer). I still feel like 2 months in this business are very small time but enough to start to understand a little bit the game because I spend at least 3 hours a day on Affiliate.

In this thread I'd like to bring my own newbie experience to the table because I feel that other newbies can share my same feelings, troubles and issues and my experience could be helpful to someone.

What I learned since the -16 ROI thread

First of all many thanks to the awesome people who are answering to my questions and are supporting my
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