Farmed Facebook Accounts For Running Facebook Ads



Jul 10, 2021
Handmade & farmed Facebook accounts for running Facebook Ads

About the accounts:

Geo - Ukraine
Phone verified
We can receive Text message code if needed
Access to the email
Created and farmed from 14+ days
Farmed without any software
Added friends
Added photos in the profile
Added posts on the timeline
You can log in the accounts using the log and password or using cookies
Farmed on Ukranian mobile proxies or mobile internet.
About the proccess:
Farmed by experienced farmers, using different random actions and methods, the way a real user would act in a new account. Such as posting, engaging, playing games, logging in different sites using FB, collecting cookies, etc. We are always testing and using new farming methods and trends as Facebook is a very dynamic platform. We are also active media buyers and we are using these accounts for running Facebook Ads and we can give you tips and recommendations.

Recommended use
Connect the Facebook accounts with ad accounts from Business Managers or personal ad accounts of soft regs or other Facebook accounts. When one of the connected ad accounts gets banned, you remove it from the FB profile and connect a new ad account,
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