Facebook Ads Tracking & Attribution 2022



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Jun 19, 2018
Hey there!

At RedTrack, we help marketers with Facebook conversion API Facebook conversion Tracking & Attribution, and we know that it became quite a painful topic after 2021. That's why today I wanted to tell you more about Facebook ads manager and the data collection process.

Before 2021 we didn't have problems and could track our marketing performance with Facebook Pixel because it could track every conversion event happening on Facebook.

However, iOS 14 turned everything around for marketers. So now, Facebook can track only the last event in the conversion path for iOS 14 devices. Although, for now, Facebook can track data from other devices without any changes, we cannot get as accurate data on the marketing performance as it was before iOS 14.

With the loss of complete data from iOS devices, Facebook can not give you a precise picture.
In other words, Facebook uses probabilistic attribution by building a model to use for attribution of the conversions.

Instead of modeled (aggregated data), you could use raw and untouched data to analyze the performance of your ads.

In RedTrack, we collect Raw conversion data that gives you a complete picture of your conversions. We do not scrape data from Facebook, but we
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