Facebook ads account for sale! Dont.Farm at 2019!

We provide trusted Facebook accounts for successful advertising campaigns.

Account information:
  1. Accounts of real users only. Not a brute not a farm. Real users only
  2. All of the accounts are at least 2 years old (most of them 5+ years)
  3. Accounts were never abandoned or hacked
  4. You connect to account via RDP. It takes less than a minute to launch your first campaign
  5. Accounts of any country of the world
  6. Only A++ class proxy which equals to the location of the user
  7. Price includes the browser and the proxy. Everything is settled up
  8. an account is verified by phone
How it works:
  1. Your access to the account via RDP. Browser and proxy is build-in no additional expenses for it
  2. You can use only in this way it is a guarantee that the account will live long.
  3. It takes less than a minute to start using the account
    take a look
Lifetime and threshold:
  1. The lifetime of account is depending on your skills and vertical you're working
  2. For Black-Hat ads the average lifetime is 1-3 weeks with 900$ daily threshold however the handiest once get a way better results. (Can provide screenshots)
  3. For White-Hat there are no limits. Some of the buyers still using their first accounts
Guarantee :
  1. If your account is banned while running a white-hat ad we will immediately replace your account.
  2. If the authorization data has been replaced we will replace your account.
For any other reasons (for example black themes misuse etc.) we are not responsible for replacement or refund. Accounts perfectly fit for offers types:
  1. Gambling
  2. Nutra
  3. Dating
  4. Replica cloth/shoes
  5. Any black-hat ads can go if you're handy enough
  6. No problem for white-hat ads either
Price: Egypt Indonesia India Bangladesh Brazil Pakistan Turkey Philippines Venezuela Algeria 75 Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan 100 The rest of the world 200
  • DEAL FOR AFFLIFT MEMBERS 2+1 for first purchase (till the 1 July)
  • Discounts for bulk buyers and teams.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR PREVIOUS THREAD WITH THE REVIEWS OF THE SERVICE: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/trusted-facebook-ad-accounts-for-sale.1096900/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more information please contact us at:
  1. Telegram: facebook_ad_accs
  2. Skype: live: facebook.ad.accs
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