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Everything you need to know about running and scaling traffic arbitrage 🚀



Grand Guru
May 3, 2018
Hey guys,

Some members of the community might embrace arbitrage offers and use them to the fullest. 🤑 Others might not really understand the specificities, or simply do not want to get involved. 🙅

However, there are really great ways of transcending and excelling for those who have access to Bing or Yahoo! traffic and are experienced in the topic of arbitrage.

This industry segment is not the easiest to manage, but it is a profitable one. 💰 If you want to learn how to approach traffic arbitrage and better utilize your redirecting opportunities, read on and discover how to scale up your traffic arbitrage ventures. 👇👇

🤔 What is traffic arbitrage?

Traffic arbitrage happens when the party buys traffic from a source and (through for example a landing page, banner ad, or native ad) redirects it to another, more expensive per click, one. It’s an opportunity to scale up and channel entirely new volumes of traffic to one offer.

In theory, it brings great results for arbitrageurs who know exactly what traffic to buy from ad networks like Bing Ads, Google Ads, or for example Yahoo!.

If you’re still asking yourself the question “How exactly does traffic arbitrage
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