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Feb 25, 2019
This is my follow along for the Febraury Contest

🎯 Traffic Source: @EVADAD - PopUnder
🔧 Tracking Tool: @Voluum
✅ Affiliate Network: @iMonetizeIt
👍 Type of Offer: Adult (Dating SmartLink),
💰 Offer Payout: variable,depending on the geos that I will pick.

Following the the tips from the post that @servandosilva did about IMonetizeit (check post here) , I look inside IMonetizeIt opportunities.
In this case I will research the Dating Smartlink to get the top countries, my goals is to find 3rd or 2 tier countries in the top 10-20 with good amount of traffic at least 100.000 per day in EvaDav.

I will pick 3 countries I will spend $10-$15 and I will keep the best geo.I think $10 will be enough since I will pick 3rd tiers countries, and I think the payout will be low so $10 would be a good amount to test 3 countires with a low payout. But I will have to get some conversions firts to be sure that the $10 will be enough to test 3 countries and make a right choice.

Researching - Opportunities

1) So I select the Dating Smartlink from the Opporunities Page:

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