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eCPA and bidding



Super Contributor
Sep 20, 2021
Hi folks, I'm a little bit confused on how to get the advantage of the whole metrics we have:


Of course, I'm in the optimizing mood so I'm studying how all of these metrics can improve my strategy. Sorry if some of my brainstorming here seems to be obvious to you but in order to understand them properly, I need to write them down and brainstorm them (it's a kind of dyslexia I have).

My eCPA is 0,036 while my bidding for this campaign is 0,047 and the Payout is 0,066.
How can I relate these three metrics?

Since I'm bidding 0,047 and mu eCPA is 0,036, does this means I have room to lower the bid?
But if lowering the bid I could loose performance on my placements, is this correct?

Other metrics I'm not sure how to work with are: EPV (Earn per visit), CPV (Cost per Visit), EPC (Earn per click).
If my CPV is 0.0038 and my EPV is 0.0063 the difference in the two is 0,0025. How to use this metric?

Can someone make a real life example on how to use those data please?

@Luke @Nick @jonathanbouchard
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