Do you know how to optimize the CPI app campaign?



Nov 2, 2022

People all around the world using more than 6 bln gadgets and spending over 500 bln US dollars inside the apps.

AdHornet have prepared for you few basic steps, that can lead you to at least good quality user acquisition strategy.

1. Target the best fitted audience
Before starting every campaign - research product that you are promoting. At least, you should know - what "pains" it can covered for a users or how your client product can improve their customers life. Above idea sounds obviously, but most of marketers just skipping it, especially those who trust their previous cases experience.

2. Know the basic metrics
Number of the installs, retention, registration rate, purchases and etc.
If you are looking for success case in your portfolio, know all of the above. Knowledge and the experience coming from your desire to write the success story not only for you, but your client as well.

3. The post-install actions are necessary
Installs are in a high degree common and the first step in the conversion funnel and the case, that you are fulfilling for your partner. For instance, users can install the app, but your strategy should be
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