Guide Digital Advertising Overview: Vietnam (by MGID)


[COLOR=rgb(41 105 176)]GENERAL INFO[/COLOR]
  • Today Vietnam is a lower-middle income country in the South East Asia region with 68% GDP growth rate
  • GDP per capita was $2551 in 2018. It’s expected to grow and reach $3931 by 2024
  • Salaries in Vietnam vary between $ 10127 per month (minimum salary) to $ 331315 per month (maximum salary). The median monthly salary is $ 72576
  • Vietnam’s population reached 97429061 in 2019 compared to 91M in 2013 and is expected to expand to 120 million by 2050
  • There are 54 ethnic groups within the country. The most major ethnic group is Kinh (Viet) - 85.7%.

[COLOR=rgb(41 105 176)]DEVICE’S USAGE[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgb(184 49 47)]Device’s usage is the following:[/COLOR] 72% smartphone 43% laptop or desktop and 13% tablet. Average daily time spent using the internet via the device is 6 hours 42 minutes. [COLOR=rgb(41 105 176)]E-COMMERCE VALUE [/COLOR]
  • Revenue in the eCommerce market amounts to [COLOR=rgb(184 49 47)]US$2709m[/COLOR] in 2019.
  • Revenue is expected to show[COLOR=rgb(184 49 47)] an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 13.8%[/COLOR] resulting in a market volume of US$4537m by 2023.
  • 511M people purchase goods via e-commerce
  • Average annual revenue per user of consumer goods e-commerce [COLOR=rgb(184 49 47)](ARPU) is $53.6[/COLOR]
  • E-commerce spent per capita is $65
  • In the year 2017 a share of 34.3% of users was 25-34 years old
  • In 2019 28% of total eCommerce purchases will be paid by E-wallet.
  • Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi city represent the most profitable markets in Vietnam.
  • Women constitute 64% of all online buyers respectively men are the remaining 36%.
Statistics shown can be found by following this link [COLOR=rgb(41 105 176)]MILLENIALS [/COLOR]

Vietnamese millennials (23-39 years old) are highly concerned about food safety and health.
They are willing to pay more for natural ingredients and health supplements. Besides they prefer clear...
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