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Guide Digital Advertising Overview: INDIA (by MGID)


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MGID traffic distribution is the following: desktop (5%), mobile (94%) and tablets (1%). Overall, MGID processes around 3.5 million clicks per day in India.

MGID top publishers in India
: jagran.com; news18.com; inspiredot.net; onlymyhealth.com; bengali.news18.com; hindi.news18.com; lokmat.news18.com; jagranjosh.com; naidunia.jagran.com; telugu.news18.com; moneycontrol.com; tamil.news18.com; kannada.news18.com; herzindagi.com; gujarati.news18.com; news18.overdrive.in; mid-day.com and many more!


  • India is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, reaching 7.3 percent of economic growth at the beginning of 2019;
  • India is the second-fastest digitizing economies amongst 17 world-leading economies;
  • GDP per capita is expected to be 2,334.138 USD in Mar 2019 and is projected to reach 3,273.848 USD in Mar 2023;
  • Average monthly income varies widely based on the occupation. Besides, revenues of each region also differ significantly. For instance, Goa has the highest NSDP per capita ($5500), then goes Delhi ($4800), Sikkim ($4300) and Chandigarh ($3500) in 2018. By contrast, NSDP reached only $2600 in Maharashtra, $1400 in Rajasthan, $850 in Manipur and $590 in Bihar;
  • Internet adoption level depends also on the Indian languages. For instance, Hindi Internet Users are expected to exceed the number of English users by 201 million by 2021. On the whole, India is home for 23 constitutionally recognized official languages. Top 10 languages spoken in India according to 2001 census: Hindi (41,03%), Bengali (8,11%), Telugu (7,19%), Marathi (6,99%), Tamil (5,91%), Urdu (5,01%), Gujarati (4,48%), Kannada (3,69%), Malayalam (3,21%) and Oriya (3,21%).
  • Big cricket fans :D


Baby Boomers (51-71 years old) perceive ingredients and materials as indicators of quality. By contrast, millennials (23-39 years old) value more customer experience, design, and brand name. In addition, 24% of millennials consider a product scarcity as a sign of being premium compared to 15% baby boomers. Then, more than 40% of male millennials assumed they would make all their purchases online if they could.

One of the top reasons for Indian millennials to shop online is low prices and high discounts. Take into account the information above and make ads that fit millennials' expectations.

  • The revenue in the eCommerce is projected to be $32,348m in 2019 and $62,284m by 2023;
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) in the eCommerce market amounts to US$62.95 in 2019;
  • There are 147.8 million eCommerce users in India. This number is expected to reach 358m by 2020 and 657.8m by 2023. You see that the market expands so do not miss out opportunity and promote there;
  • 43% of total eCommerce purchases will be paid by E-wallet in 2019. You can try to add the ability to pay for e-wallet on landings or stores.

56% of Indian online consumers prefer buying via desktop, 29% choose smartphone and 10% of online shoppers use tablets.


If you are looking for profitable offers, take a look at BFSI, health vertical, crowdfunding (donations), nutraceuticals, and gambling.
  • BFSI stands for Banking, Finance, Services, and Insurance. Indian study revealed that millennials are highly concerned about saving and investing in security, like, life insurance and health insurance. We suggest you making advertising campaigns targeting this generation and earn money!
  • Medicine may include taking tests, make an appointment with the doctor or online consultation with a doctor;
  • Nutraceuticals are health supplements, skin care products, and weight-loss products;
  • As to gambling, Indian people like fantasy sports and rummy card game.

As to BFSI, we suggest to use photos of real people, preferably women, doing business or tapping something on the laptop;

Generally, our experience shows that Indian people are not interested in black/white images and images with animals. They prefer real-looking images of people smiling or laughing.

As for moneymaking, images with yellow color have higher CTR as yellow is considered to be a symbol of prosperity and trade. Photos of money also convert very well.

Smoothies, Fruits, Matcha Tea, Coffee Beans work for neutraceuticals, as well as spices and avocado. Indian people avoid using bare bellies or other body parts for advertising.

Photos of colored pills with discount or family ties images convert very well for the Medicine vertical.

As for crowdfunding, try to use images of hard-working children with headlines from the first person "I dream of getting an education, help me!".

MGID traffic distribution is the following: desktop (5%), mobile (94%) and tablets (1%). Overall, MGID processes around 3.5 million clicks per day in India.

MGID team
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