CreativeBot Released As An AI Robot That Can Help Affiliates Write Ad Copy



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Apr 17, 2018
affLIFT is proud to announce the launch of CreativeBot, an AI robot that can help our members with their copywriting. With CreativeBot, our members can have instant access to content that will help them get more sales including ad copy.

CreativeBot can be accessed on any device, including mobile devices. Members can access CreativeBot with just a few steps.

Simply send @CreativeBot a private message and instruct him on the copy you want created 👇


It's pretty incredible what the bot can do and he should just get smarter the more we use him 😃


CreativeBot will automatically reply to your private message instructions within 1 minute with the creative content you asked for. You can reply to it or create new PMs each time.

Check below for example prompts you can use with CreativeBot. If you find one that is giving you good results, please share it with us :)
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