CPAbuild + Voluum configuration needed


New member
Hello there
I am trying to promote offers from cpabuild , and would like to configure the voluum tracker with this affiliate network
any suggestions ?
because i contacted my AM manager and he couldn't help me
here is the postback documentation from cpabuild

Your global postback URL is used to send information about a conversion to your tracking platform. The following variables are available in your postback:

{offer_id} - Numeric CPABuild Offer ID. Example: 123

{offer_name} - CPABuild Offer Name String. Example: Cool Survey

{payout} - Decimal value of user payout. Example: 1.25

{payout_cents} - Integer value of payout in cents (used for points as well). Example: 125

{ip} - User's IP address that completed conversion.

{status} - 1 for conversion, 0 for chargeback/reversal.

{unix} - A unix timestamp of when the conversion occurred. Example: 1481730543

{s1} - If direct linking, shows sub1. Example:12345

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