Could you help a paralyzed newbie?



Active Member
Aug 22, 2021

I know the topic can be a bit stupid, but this is how I feel at the moment and would like you to help here for a bit. I need the last push to start going further.

I have gone through @Luke basic course on pops. I signed up on PopAds and Mobipium and have done some tests (Still going through it in my follow along thread).

Right now I would like to try @servandosilva guide -> The problem is that I don't really seem to like Mobipium offers and don't want to use smartlinks again. For me, smarlinks are too "black-boxed". I think they are good for remnand traffic when you don't know what to do with it but I prefer to control all stages knowing exactly what offer I'm promoting, creatives, payout, LP, etc.

The problem is that I'm really scared of being rejected. Moreover, if you read reviews on trustpilot about different networks things are starting to look shady. Lota people not being paid, others complaining about accounts terminated without any reason, etc. I know people don't always tell all the truth but I'm coming from a jungle called
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