Common landing pages mistakes to avoid



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Oct 21, 2021
Here are some common mistakes about landing pages that may cost you conversion and you have to avoid.

1 - Slow page loading speed :

There are many ways to reduce the speed of loading :

> Reduce redirects
> Optimizing images
> Minifying Java Script, CSS and HTML
> Removing render-blocking JavaScript

2 - Multiple CTAs (calls to action)

If you are promoting many offers .. don't put them all on one Landing page .. use multiple and unique landing pages for each conversion ask.

3- Not optimizing your LP for mobile devices


If you don't have experiment with coding or if you wanted to save time, you can -simply- use a pre-designed theme or layout that will allow you make your LP responsive to any device (I'll definitely share a tutorial about this later)

4 - Making it complex for your visitors to understand what you're offering

Be smart in choosing your expressions and words, and make it as short and on the point as possible! Don't distract your visitors with long paragraphs or irrelevant headlines.

5 - Lack of images

Notice the difference between these two LPs
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