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Collecting push subscribes with pop traffic



Active Member
Nov 6, 2019
Hi guys,
I think I didn't tell you but atm im working on software that collecting push subscribers, the idea is similar to other services that doing that like Onesignal just the difference is that it created more for collecting web pushes and show which push gives higher ROI and is more targeted for collecting and using the push subscribers as a list (similar to Mailchimp just for push).

My other task is to control pop traffic and make a list that will be profitable + return the money as possible and get conversion when they get the pop.

the flow look like that right now

Pop traffic -> landing page that asks the user if he wants to get a notification -> after making any action right now he will go to smart link monetizer offer.

My goal is to return from the traffic itself at least 80% of the investment right now im returning between 20% to 40%.

so my question is...

do you have any idea of making more money from the traffic that landing into my lp directly?

I'll keep updating my post about
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