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Clickadu Pops Review



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Apr 17, 2018
I added Clickadu to our recommended ppv (pop) networks 👍


Pop advertising has been around for quite a while and has boasted a tremendous growth rate for businesses. It is very effective in catching your audience’s attention, so if you’re looking for a pop network, why not check Clickadu out?

Clickadu is an ad network that offers affiliates a chance to increase and get their maximum revenue. Although it might not have the age to back it up, it does offer a good online advertising system. Clickadu provides its advertisers with a self-serve platform that has everything you need to make your campaign work.

The platform guarantees a boost in ROI and a reasonable traffic bid when you use their popunder ad format. One major benefit of using ClickAdu’s pop services is access to a huge inventory of over 122 million impressions. The popunder format is available on both mobile and desktop devices.

Read our Clickadu pop review...
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