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Clickadu BONUS - $20 extra from your $100 deposit

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Staff member
Apr 17, 2018
PEERCLICK and Clickadu announced a bonus that you guys are welcome to take advantage of:


The link from the email is: https://www.clickadu.com/?utm_campa...ckadu-r&utm_source=sendpulse&utm_medium=email

Here's the info provided about Clickadu:

Clickadu is the fastest growing online advertising network, for years have been specialized in performance marketing. We’re constantly developing to provide a top-notch advertising and monetization solution for publishers and advertisers. Our handy Self-Serve platform helps affiliates, brands and agencies to get desktop and mobile traffic worldwide from direct publishers on CPM, CPA, CPL pricing models.

Our main features:
  • Huge volumes of multi-geo traffic from all
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