Case Study #2



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May 7, 2018
For this case study, I will be using ClickDealer as the affiliate network, Binom as my tracker, and Zeropark as my push notification traffic source.

Day 1

To prepare for the launch of this campaign, I asked my ClickDealer for a report of their top offers by revenue. From all the offers on that list, I noticed there were 2 similar offers from Norway, so I decided to test them out.

The offers I selected were Samsung Galaxy S10 credit card submit offers that paid around $28 per conversion. The offer pages were both quite different, so they were worth split testing.

I already knew what kinds of landing pages convert well for credit card submit sweepstakes offer from my previous case study in Sweden, so I just translated the text and uploaded them to my Amazon S3 server.

In total, I had 2 landing pages for each offer. Because I already knew the landing pages convert, it would make testing the offers much easier.

After preparing the landing pages for a new country, I added them to my tracker along with the offer URLs from ClickDealer.


Now the campaign was ready to create
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