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Apr 17, 2018
In 2021, my social media marketing tool, FPTraffic, received over 100,000 organic visits on our blog from Google searches. This year, I expect that number to be even higher.

The issue?

Well, the traffic didn't convert well at all.

This is not uncommon. When people are searching for answers on Google and they find the answer, they tend to leave the site they found the answer on and apply the answer without ever coming back.

If you take a look through our popular blog posts, you can see what I mean. For example:

Once the visitor has read the post, they head over to their Facebook Group to welcome new members and leave FPTraffic.

So, how can I start converting these visitors?

My guess is you've probably figured out the solution I plan to try when you read the thread title :D

I'm going to build a massive email list of these Google searchers and sell them on the benefits of FPTraffic.

I literally just integrated my solution this morning that I will be building upon.

I am going to use OptinMonster to build the list with opt-in form pop ups on the blog posts and then AWeber
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