Guide Brax Walkthrough : Must have tool for Native Campaigns



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Jan 7, 2019
In my Native Ads follow along, I have been using, I was just looking at alternatives to see what other tools can do for me and I ended up signing up for Brax which has also been talked about a lot by people running Native Ads. Brax seems a bit more advanced than the Optimizer and hence a bit more expensive. However, I am loving the interface and how easy it is to set up some very specific rules

It is quite easy to get started with Brax. You would first need to connect your Voluum account and your traffic source accounts to Brax

To do this, you need to click on Integrations on the top right hand side menu

These are all the possible traffic sources and tracker integrations that Brax offers.


It seems that you need a Voluum account/ Google Analytics account in order to connect a tracker to Brax. I am not sure if they offer integration for other trackers!

Brax Dashboard​


I like how simple and uncomplicated their dashboard is, everything you need to manage your campaigns is readily available to you on the main page itself.

At the top of the page
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