Binom Space Issue - Easier way to Expand/Backup



Grand Guru
Aug 16, 2018
I have been using Binom since January 2022 with DigitalOcean Server and I'm currently using Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64 - 8 vCPUs/16GB / 320GB Disk with a Basic - Premium AMD CPU type.

I intend to keep the data in my tracker for around 1.5-2 years and want to increase my disk.

Until now, I kept increasing the vCPUs and Memory whenever I increased the SSD size, but now I've hit a point where DigitalOcean does not have a bigger SSD size for Basic - Premium AMD in their Resize Droplet option - the biggest one being 320 GB.


I spoke to DigitalOcean support and this is what they said:


I'm not very good with servers so I wanted to check with the community if mounting extra volume is an option or will I have to clear data from Binom?
If mounting volume is an option, I'd try to follow what DigitalOcean has mentioned in the Email.

Alternatively, is there an easier way to backup the data?

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