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May 7, 2018
Now that we've got ClickDealer offers and the Monetizer Smartlink loaded into Binom we can create a campaign in the tracker.

Once you log into your tracker make sure you're on the "Campaigns" tab and click "+ Create".


A new window will open that looks like this:


This is where you will set up a new campaign within your tracker. Upon saving this campaign you will generate a link that you will then use in your traffic source (Zeropark).

There are quite a few options, so I'll explain what they are and what options are generally best for most campaigns.

Name - This is what your campaign will be called within your tracker. I suggest you are descriptive so you can identify what it is without having to click on it. A good name would be US-CC-S10-Mobile-Wifi. This would mean United States, Credit Card Submit, Samsung S10 prize, targeting mobile wifi traffic. You can name them however you want, but try to be descriptive so you can keep organized.

Group - These are like tags. A useful way to use them is to tag the vertical the campaign is for, so "Sweepstakes". You don't
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