Binom / Adcombo COD Double Postback Issue



Grand Guru
Apr 27, 2020
I noticed this issue in Binom and thought I would mention it here because it can cause some problems with your stats.

The issue is when a customer fills out the lead form twice which seems to happen pretty often. If they go on to make a purchase you end up getting an approved postback (for the sale) and then a reject postback (for the duplicate lead). Usually these postbacks happen pretty close together so you will have an approved sale for a couple minutes and then it disappears. I happened to check my stats at the right time and noticed this happening in real time, so I dug around in my postback log to figure out what was happening.

So far I have just been manually updating these rejected leads back to approved leads with the payout. I am wondering if anyone has figured out a way to fix this issue without having to manually update every time. I did talk to Binom support and they said there is no way to fix it from
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