Bidding a low CPM can kill you



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Apr 17, 2018
Something that has come up a few times in threads that I've noticed over the past month is people talking about bidding too low a CPM. It's a common mistake. Sometimes, you want to go for the average bid. But often, depending on the traffic source, you will see much better results by increasing your bid.

Why is this the case?

If you bid too low a CPM you will not get much (if any) traffic from the top performing sites/zones/etc.

One reason so many traffic sources are adding CPA type pricing is that it allows them to dramatically increase your CPM bids for you on individual slices of traffic. Galaksion, PropellerAds, and all the big traffic sources offering CPA pricing/goals are doing this. It's to our advantage, but also our disadvantage.

If you have a campaign performing really well on a particular zone that is generating a $12 CPM, manually bidding for that zone at $1 just is not going to work. Why would a traffic source sell you traffic at $1 CPM when they're making $12 CPM from someone else?

So, if you are going to manually bid a CPM
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