Benefits of spying on your Campaign while running



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Apr 9, 2019
While running "testing" campaigns it's always beneficial to do some spying on Running campaign" specially " when spy tools have the traffic source you are working on "
For example my campaign here

1- you will see how others See your campaign on Spytools. and if you need to hide any part of it "tweak it" to make your campaign harder to understand.
for example my Seconfprofit Campaign here this is how it looks like on the first day on Adplexity " due to I'm running it on adcash" it was a matter of hours and present on Adplexity :)


my running campaign is included in all of these
you will see this exact campaign been running by others for more than one day "I just started it "
and competitors are running for more along time than me .. so let's check what they are doing ;)

from this, I can get a lot of results
1- if they are direct linking or with landers
2- if they are working directly with affiliate network "secondprofit" in this case. or working with other networks, brokering this offer
3- Bidding model" in case of Adcash as adplexity have the
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