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Bemob and Advidi Network set up



Nov 1, 2018
Hi All

I started a dating campaign with Advidi network and set up my post back url and my affiliate l;ink inside Bemob.

I thought the campaign offer didn't work cause I seen no conversions for a day.

The nerxt day I look in my Advidi account and I had 22 conversions on the dating offer.

My AM informed me to stop passing data in s1= which is part of the original affiliate link.

Bemob look at my set up and informed me everything is set up correct on my end.

Do any of you use Bemob and Advidi Network?

I had to inform my AM that I couldn't send any more traffic until I find out what targets are giving me the conversions.

This is the poistback url: http://www.example.com/postback?cid=#s2#&payout=#price#&txid=OPTIONAL&status=OPTIONAL

This is the affiliate link from Advidi network. https://tracksrocket.com/?a=xxxxx&c=xxxxx&s1=

I then added the click id to the affiliate link in s2 cause Avidi says I shouldn't be using s1

So now the affiliate link looks ;like this in Bemob https://tracksrocket.com/?a=xxxxx&c=xxxxx&s2=[clickid]

Still no data is being passed back
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