Super Contributor
Nov 1, 2021
how are you all?

We have a unbelievable situation with the war in Ukraine. As some of you know Clickdealer is located in Ukraine.
My AM is living there. The last weeks i run more then the half of my traffic to this network.

Now I know that she has better to do then every day answering to my chats. I really do not know what i should do now. I mean Ukraine people need support and solidarity. And my questions to her seems so senseless to me in this times. She have to think of her life and family.

On the other site i need support to find the right offers and such things. life is going on for me.

I do not know how to behave now. It is not easy for me to write so profane things in the chat with her knowing in what situation she is.
On the other hand clickdealer wrote a message "all will stay the same for now". But i cannot believe that seeing the pictures in the news russian tanks rolling in big forces into the country.
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