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Dec 9, 2021
Hello Folks,

Cense AI provides an affordable, self-service conversational AI assistant that would enhance customer buying journey, improves customer service and assist store business owners in running there online store efficiently.

In order to address the pain points of online retail businesses using Conversational AI, we have addressed the following from customer and businesses perspective in our platform.

For Shoppers/Store Customers
- Respond to customer queries
- Assist customers in product search/smart search(ex if customer is looking for a purse and the website has tagged/named such products as handbags, even they show up)
- Highlight promotions, coupons
- Help with Order Tracking
- Assist customers in seamless returns & refunds
- Integrate with customer support with live chat option

For Business Owners/Merchants
- Very easy set-up. A non tech business personnel can easily integrate with their online store.
- Showcase of products (for up-sell/ cross-sell) based on customer purchase
- Showcase of banners based on location and time.
- Send reminders for replenishment of products
- One-click emails & SMS to customers for promotions/coupons
- Report on most and least desired products
- Setting up for customer reviews and ratings
- Integration with messaging channels like whatsapp, instagram, messenger &
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