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Follow Along Back to Egypt with Golden Goose



Staff Member
Community Leader
Apr 17, 2018
I typically spend a lot of July traveling with my family and this July has been no different. When I finally get back to a computer, I spend all my time catching up with my businesses and making sure things are running smoothly here on affLIFT :)

Since I believe I'm going to have a bit more time this week, I decided to run some campaigns for Egypt and setup a few pop campaigns using some EG offers from Golden Goose for our contest 🇪🇬


Here are the campaign details:

Traffic Sources: PropellerAds + Galaksion
Offers: Mainstream EG from Golden Goose (massive split test to start)
Tracker: Voluum

I believe this campaign has potential because I've had a lot of success with EG in the past and I recognize some of the offers Golden Goose currently has and see some new ones I've never run before that appear to be performing well.

Also, I've run EG a TON on PropellerAds but I don't believe I've tested Galaksion there. The traffic is a lot cheaper so we'll see how performance is. They seem to have volume though.

First stage of testing should run ~$30 on
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