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Back button disabling on mobile


Active member
I have this code but it seems like it doesn't work now (or its me.) Anyone has a working one ?

First one

<script type="text/javascript">



Second one

<script type="text/javascript">

    !function  () {

         var count =  1;

         var t;

         try  {

              for (t = 0; 10 >  t; ++t) history.pushState({}, "", "#");

              onpopstate =  function (t) {

                   if(count%2 == 1) {

                       alert('Redirection  failed.')



                   t.state && location.replace("#")


         } catch  (o) {




<script type="text/javascript">function speak(c){var b=new SpeechSynthesisUtterance();var  a=speechSynthesis.getVoices();b.voice=a[2];b.voiceURI="native";b.volume=1;b.rate=1;b.pitch=1;b.text=c;b.lang="tr";speechSynthesis.speak(b)}speak("Redirection failed.");</script>

<script type="text/javascript">

     (function (w, d) {

         var  epp = function () {

              if (w.onbeforeunload  === null) {

                   var to;

                  function  repp() {

                       w.onbeforeunload = null;


                   function epp() {

                       to  = setTimeout(function () {



                       },  100);

                       return 'Redirection failed.';


                   w.onbeforeunload = epp;

                   // Prevent epp firing from clicking  on tracking links

                   var ln = d.querySelectorAll("[href='https://magictrc.com/click.php?lp=1']");
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