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Automatic ProPush revenue reporting in tracker?



Staff Member
Community Leader
Apr 17, 2018
Like most of you, I use ProPush (@ProPush) on almost all of my landing pages to collect push subscribers and add additional revenue to my campaigns (it's a part of my Triple Threat) :)

Well, I have been looking at ways to automate getting the revenue imported daily into my tracker using the ProPush API. In fact, I plan to release a guide this week showing how I end up doing it.

But, as I was thinking/planning this out, I also happened to be talking to Siim from Skro on Skype. Skro (@Skro) is an awesome new tracker and they've adding tons of great features every month.

Anyway, I think I've convinced him to add an integration so we can get our revenue to automatically be imported into Skro :D

Do you have a setup where you are automatically importing/syncing the revenue from ProPush? How are you doing it? Is it
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