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[Ask Me Anything] IG Automation + Monetization - DEADZ


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Hey guys I've been doing these "AMA" style threads for IG CPA for the past 2-3 years. Also a few people have already PM'd me asking if I'm the writer of a certain IG+CPA ebook (outdated now but still some good info & might be a good read for some)... So... For anyone that has questions concerning Instagram (or pretty much any other social platform really) Automation & Monetization... I'm here to answer any & all of your questions to the best of my ability.

What I can help with:
  • Safe Automation Setups (Aged Accounts Proxies Cloaking PVA "Mother - Slave" Setup etc).
  • Niche selection (CPA Lead Gen eCom etc) + Targeting advice (Costumer Avatar Perfect Fan Persona etc).
  • How to optimize (bio pre-landers bridge pages landing pages etc) for conversions.
  • How to keep your (or clients) accounts & domains/links safe from getting red flagged and/or banned.
  • More specific & unique monetization setups & ideas.
  • And more...
A bit of a background about me & my experience with automation:
  • “Spam” dating offer links on Tagged Hi5 Facebook (groups profiles & pages) Tumblr Twitter Tinder Instagram Snapchat Pinterest and more.
  • Become an "Influencer" on Instagram in it's earlier years & promoted big brands with Instabrand (before paid influencers was a thing).
  • Build (& monetized) multiple Facebook pages from scratch to over 250k likes 80m post views per week & 12m post engagements per week – 100% organic.
  • Build Managed & Monetized an army of Twitter accounts in mainstream niches. With the main accounts having over 160k followers averaging 3-6m tweet impressions per month and gaining 10-15k new followers on average each month.
  • Manage an army of “Blackhat” Instagram accounts (more than 10k simultaneously) monetized with content locking (“free followers” niche).
  • Build & Manage a (virtual) Social Media Agency offering branding management consulting & growth services.
  • And more (too much keep going on here)…
⚠Disclaimer: All answers...
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