Are you running in-page push?



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Apr 17, 2018
Are you running in-page push? If not, you might want to test it out!

When in-page push first started being added to various traffic sources, the amount of traffic they had available was pretty sad. I suppose that happens with most new ad formats. However, the traffic sources have done a good job of convincing their publishers to start running in-page push because the traffic volumes are up and I've been very impressed by the quality lately too.

My most recent campaigns have been on PropellerAds. Here are a few campaigns I've run recently using both traditional push notifications and in-page push on the same campaign (using CPA Goal):



The CTR and conversion rates on in-page has been solid. I know AdCash has been talking about how well their in-page is performing as well so I may have to test that next.

I'm interested to hear your
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