Anonymous and Reloadable Virtual Cards for Facebook Ads - VCC

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Jul 10, 2021
Easy-to-get, affordable and anonymous payment solution from a Tier 1 country bank for blackhat and whitehat media buyers!

You are running paid ads and can't keep up with all the bans? You can't or don't want to purchase new cards under your name all the time?

We have a solution for you! Our reloadable and anonymous virtual cards that you can use for running Facebook Ads!

The steps

1.) Purchase the card through me and send the money that you want to add to the card!
2.) I give you the card details of your virtual card and you are ready to run ads!
3.) If your ad account and card gets banned, you can simply transfer the money left to a newly purchased virtual card or back to you!
4.) When you want to add more money into one of your cards, you will have to do it through me and this will cost a 6% commission.

We don't need any verification, KYC documents or anything like that from you, the cards are anonymous, from Tier 1 countries - USA/Great Britain and you are legally safe to use them for media buying!

Currently, we don't have issues with issuing
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